T.O.P. at Your Service

Kitchen Kashering:T.O.P. will assist you in the process of making your home kosher, from preliminary instructions and preparations to the final application of the blow torch.
Mezuzos and T’fillin:T.O.P. can provide you with kosher mezuzos for every doorpost of your home, or check the ones toy have. T’fillin can also be obtained or checked.
Hospital Visitation:T.O.P. continuously tries to broaden its scope by helping Jewish people in various circumstances. T.O.P. is now available to help the elderly as well as people of all ages who are homebound or hospitalized. T.O.P. is an official member of the Pastoral care Department of Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, but will visit any other area hospital as well.
Please call us with names of individuals to be visited.
Education:Join our informative and enjoyable classes for men, women and seniors. Meet new people and expand you mind.
Holiday Guides:Even the most seasoned observer of Jewish holidays can easily get confused from Yom Tov to Yom Tov. When does the holiday begin and end? What time is candle lighting? Which foods are traditional for which holiday? what are the mitzvos and origin of the day?
T.O.P. will send you, free of charge, a fully illustrated Holiday Guide before each major holiday. The instructive guide is packed with information, including blessings, recipes, insights into the Yom Tov, and a candle lighting schedule.kv rolex air king 114210blso mens 36mm automatic watch

Be sure to have a PUSHKA
(charity box) in your home.
If you need one, please notify T.O.P.

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